October 09, 2020 2 min read

Hi Josea Girls,   

We are happy to be back! Want to know what happened since then?
Let us take you on a journey… 

Unraveling the mystery of our winter break 

If you’ve been following us, you may have heard of the plans to move with the production from Hamburg to Portugal. This idea was there long before Corona started. 

A main reason for this is that we could not keep up with the mass demand for surfwear and keep you waiting for your order for longer than 2 weeks. 

Portugal is the home of our founder’s mother and the country has a huge textile industry that focuses on sustainability. If you want to know more, you can listen to this Interview Jocy gave to Shopify in March. 

When the pandemic started, our bags were already packed and everything needed to produce sustainable surf bikinis stored and ready for our next chapter. However like everyone else, we were challenged to revise life. 

Some of you were already asking when our shop would re-open but the news and circumstances in Europe were getting worse. Therefore with this in mind, we accepted the challenge and have found a solution! 

One of the great advantages of Josea Surfwear is our emphasis on love: if there is a problem, we solve it together.

Esther, the head of production, lives in a small village. And as you may know, in little villages information travels fast and so through word of mouth we discovered that the owner of an old estate had her newly renovated horse stable for rent. Bingo! 

The best place to recover from Corona with your bikini production. 

Gut Marutenhof
Now our place is the opposite of the old production office in Hamburg: after 3km drive on a dirt road through fields and forest, the view opens up to the mansion „Gut Marutendorf“. And as soon as you get out of the car the rooster crows good morning. Our production consists of two girls—we have one room, three sewing machines, one cutting table, and one computer—and when Tamara, our media guru, passes by she uses our ironing board as a work station. Together we perform all the magic that leads to a sustainable and great looking Josea-Bikini! 
Team 2020

 Josea Youtube

Portugal is still our dream destination for production. Additionally, the Josea Surfwear dream of expanding and creating a space for girls living the Josea-way of life through yoga and meditation retreats, kite and surfing adventures, healthy food, and holistic healing; to connect and empower each other. If you want to know more about that, stay updated with our next newsletter coming soon. 

Lots of love and thank you for your support!

Your JOSEA Surfwear Team