January 20, 2021 3 min read

How would I describe myself in one sentence?

I am a woman, oceanlover, outdoor enthusiast, hobby musician, medical doctor and just a human being with all pleasures and struggles of modern life. 

I have spent 39 years so far on this planet and I am grateful for every bit of life I was given to experience. My journey to becoming a water woman and sports enthusiast began just after my mid-twenties during medical school. I was always an active person, but I was never really into a certain kind of sport. In my last year of medical school in landlocked Bavaria, I regularly hung out at a wakeboarding lake, finally made some rounds on the water and I also made some first attempts on a small riverwave on a surfboard - basically that’s where it all started! 

 From that time on, I decided to become a surfergirl!

Combining my medical career with my surf ambitions, I lived in Capetown for 4 months where I worked in a hospital and tried to make it to the beach whenever possible. There, I truly started kitesurfing and took my first surfing lesson. Despite having a hard time in harsh Cape-Town conditions, I LOVED it. I also bought my first surfboard on which I was kooking around a bit - despite sharky waters…

That was 2006. Fast forward to 14 years later.

Right now, I am living in Australia from where I am working as a medical doctor on the phone. 

Yes, on the phone! It is possible and really interesting to assess medical problems by only asking questions. Of course, the last 12 years of medical expertise - working in different hospitals and practices, in Germany and abroad - are quite helpful for that.

 I can go surfing almost every day and I am truly living the life of my dreams. And I just founded my own online business (in German) to inspire others, to live their dream-life too, by truly becoming humans of health.
That is the name of my Company: Human of Health.


 Why is health so important for living the life of your dreams?

Well, I ask you: have you ever been sick? I guess so. Have you felt creative, inspired and motivated then? Probably not. So: being healthy enables us to do what we want to do. And to stay healthy makes it possible to do that for a long time until we hopefully reach an old age.

And that is basically what we want, right?

In my opinion, we all have one strong tool within us, one powerful voice, that we can listen to, especially in terms of health: our intuition. 

 My approach to being and staying healthy is to listen to our intuition, to listen to signals of our body, long before they become symptoms. To not wait until our body is screaming for attention through severe symptoms or diseases, but to listen to the whispers that tell us when to pay attention and look after ourselves better.


I met Jocy through kitesurfing. We both share a huge passion for watersports. We spend uncountable hours of kiting together, weekends in our vans, traveling to different countries and sharing hours of talking and moments of laughing and crying. 

Fun fact: Jocy even lived in our kitchen-lounge for a while. At some point, together with 2 likeminded ladies, a foursome of soulmates emerged somehow naturally. We all share a similar view on life and a way of looking at things and we are inspiring each other constantly. I am so grateful for these friendships - and despite living on two different sides of the world right now, there is alway a deep connection.

 And we were all supporters and great admirers when Jocy took the leap and created this magnificent brand that is now Josea Surfwear.


What inspires me about Josea? 

The strong message of love, risk and passion. Of having the courage to approach things differently to make the world a better place - by disrupting the fashion industry’s still non-sustainable, non-ethical standards. Creating a community of great humans, who have realized, that there is love and hope, but also responsibility.

 And these are exactly the values, that are applicable to our well-being. That Human of Health is aiming to get out there, to make the world a healthier place: disrupting old patterns, questioning beliefs and taking responsibility for your actions.

I am looking forward to inspiring you to a healthy and happy life.

Love, Lan xxx