Our Maui-Sweater is one of my most appreciated pieces inside my closet and I'm wearing it almost on a daily basis. Unfortunately I'm an expert in leaving traces of food, toothpaste and markers on it, so it’s been washed already a dozen times. Guess what, it still looks super fresh! The reason for this lies in the special process of the colouring. The textile we are using for our Maui-Sweater hasn´t been dyed in a traditional way, instead its colours are digitally printed. In the following you can learn more about this process and other aspects that make the Maui so adorable.” Anne (Marketing Josea Surfwear)

Fabric: made of 100% Organic Cotton / GOTS-certified

We obtain our cotton fabric from the German label “Lebenskleidung,” which also takes care of the printing process. The textile is certified with the GOTS-Seal, which at this moment appears to be the most trustworthy and comprehensive certificate for fair-trade organic cotton. The “Global Organic Textile Standard“” (GOTS) guarantees that the production of the fabric follows strict ecological and social standards. 

Colour: digital-print

Industrial dyeing of textiles is one of the biggest environmental problems inside the fashion industry. Wasted water and poisonous chemicals that are not disposed of properly lead to major pollution and contamination. We want to make a difference! Our tie-dye pattern is printed with water-based ink in a reactive digital printing process. So besides the fact that this produces less wastewater, our prints are more long-lasting and rich in colour. The printing process happens in Greece and is supervised by Lebenskleidung.

Style: One Size

When will you produce clothes for men? We’ve heard this question quite often. As a bikini-brand we specialise in female bodies. Nevertheless in our experience, we’ve found men feel equally inspired by our designs. So a step that made sense to us was to develop a sweater that could fit a greater variety of bodies. We think the Maui-sweater is a good “Allrounder”, dedicated to differently built bodies. It keeps you warm after a day full of surfing and muffles you in cozyness when chilling at the couch.