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Hi Josea-Girls,

In 2016 I launched Josea Surfwear with the mission to create a perfect surf bikini, which supports strong girls who follow their passion on the water. It should not matter what kind of cup size you have, a surf bikini should fit like a sports-bra. It was my wish to combine design, functionality and sustainability and create a movement. A movement, which is driven by values: follow your passion, love what you do & who you are and be bold enough to take risks and make mistakes.

Seeing so many beautiful and strong girls all over the world now, following their passion and wearing Josea Bikinis on the water, means a lot to us. It has now become clear: it is not just about a surf bikini, it is about the statement that we make if we wear a Josea bikini. With our actions we care about the big picture: about nature, about sustainability, about humanity, about others and ourselves. Thank you for being part of it!

Much love

Jocy (Founder of Josea-Surfwear)

Working at Josea Surfwear is like hopping on your bike every morning with a smile on your face because you are looking forward to work with your colleagues.

Favorite Piece: Slider //  Favorite Color: sky fancy geo



I love working at Josea Surfwear. We have a great atmosphere here and everyone is motivated at work. You are part of the movement and the team works hand in hand to achieve the perfect piece of surfwear. It makes just fun to work here =)
Motto: victory is happiness

Favorite Piece: Bora + One Eye/Cloud Nine

Favorite Color: purple waves