Jugo Bottom - on stock

May I introduce myself? I am Jugo.

You love your buttocks, but want to hide your belly and hip a bit? Then I am exactly the right one for you. I sit a little over your hip bone and have a high leg cut. Thereby I put your buttocks in scene, extend your legs optically and everything else moves into the background. I am double layered, so I stay in place even during strong waves and I am a faithful companion for your next adventure.

I am also available as a "Duck Dive" version with an additional inner ribbon, with which you can make me even tighter individually, so that even the biggest wave can't harm us.

I consist of 78% recycled polyamid and 22% elastane.

My best friends are: Mundaka, Barbate, The Bubble


Unsure about the size? 

Our size chart will help you!

Note: I sit a bit higher than the other bottoms. That's why you need the following measurements for the waistband instead of the slip line measurements (3.) that you find in our size chart.

XS: 62cm, S: 67cm, M: 72cm, L: 77cm


Are you wondering about my price?

I am produced with love, sustainably and fairly in the Josea atelier in Hamburg by a lovely team. Because of a deep love to nature, I will only be produced when you place an order. So my team plays it safe that I don't end up in the garbage because I'm not needed after all. So of course I need a bit longer than you might be used to from other labels.

The time of anticipation is currently 2-5 days. I'm already looking forward to it!

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