Mayla Wedekind

What I learnt from surfing about courage, trust and letting go

Mayla Wedekind

Was ich vom Surfen über Mut, Vertrauen und Loslassen lernte

Mayla Wedekind and Josea Surfwear share a love of the sea, but also a long-standing friendship. Mayla joined Josea as a team rider in 2017 while she was living in Bali and enjoying the surfing lifestyle. When Mayla returned to Germany, their friendship grew stronger through shared travels and surf trips. Therefore, we are super proud to announce to our community that Mayla released her autobiography "Das Meer, die Welle und ich" at the beginning of April. Currently, it is only available in German. After taking a first look inside, we are thrilled.

"Courage pays off if you keep an open mind."

In her book Mayla, a native of Plön (a small city in northern Germany), describes her deep love and passion for the sea and water. She shares with her readers the lessons she has learned from surfing and what the ocean has taught her, as well as her fears and the frustrations that drive her. She courageously faces challenges and refuses to be discouraged.

"With fierce determination, I threw myself into the study of the ocean and learnt more and more about surfing and the sea."
“Mit wilder Entschlossenheit stürzte ich mich in das Studium des Ozeans und lernte immer mehr über das Wellenreiten und das Meer.”

Mayla first learnt to surf in Australia and then moved to Bali for several years, where she wholeheartedly dedicated herself to the ocean and surfing. When Mayla took a break due to illness, she enrolled on a distance learning psychology program. While studying consumed much of her time, surfing provided the physical balance she needed.

"Focusing on your fears instead of what you want to achieve in life only leads to insecurity. Following your gut feeling, opening up and facing insecurities with courage allows you to break new ground."

Through her book, Mayla succeeds in sharing her enthusiasm for the sea and inspires with her insights. With small exercises at the end of each chapter, she invites readers to reflect on themselves. Even a glance at her book makes you want more. To read more from her and to find more courage.

"There is something indomitable, strong and at the same time calming about the sea. It is magical. Feeling this energy while surfing is almost addictive."

women surfing a wave with a short board. She wears a swimsuit and in the back are palm trees

For all sea lovers, surf fans and anyone who wants to be inspired by Mayla's life story, "Das Meer, die Welle und ich" (The Sea, the Wave and Me) is an absolute must-read. Mayla takes us on a journey through the waves and through life, sharing her fears, self-doubts and deep realizations. She encourages us to courageously carve our own way. Her book is not only a tribute to the sea, but also an inspiring read for anyone seeking the courage to overcome their fears and face new challenges. Absorb Mayla's world and be inspired by her passion and courage!

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*All quotes have been translated into English by us.

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