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Many of you might have already experienced how hard it can be to find a good fitting Bikini or Swimsuit. A piece that doesn't slip and slide or fully drift away with the next wave. A piece that doesn't cut into your skin, no matter how your body is shaped, but fully supports your silhouette. Josea Surfwear was founded to find a solution to these problems and to empower women to feel comfortable in their swimwear. We're testing our designs ourselves on land and in the water, working on them until they meet our expectations.

Doing all that sustainably and fairly is one of our main priorities. Click the button below to find out more about our approach to a sustainable act.

from then until now

How it all started

During her endless search for the perfectly fitting sport bikini for her Kitesurftrip to Brasil, Jocy came up with the idea of creating her own Bikini label. She was convinced that no woman should be afraid of losing her swimwear in the water or feel limited in her movements because of her clothing.

Meet the Team

Who We are

We are a Team of six women who share the same passion for the ocean and water sports. We are dedicated to creating the best possible products for you. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is part of our philosophy.



Jocy is the founder of Josea Surfwear. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Jocy worked in the product management department in the traditional fashion industry after completing her studies in fashion and textile management.

A long and unsuccessful search for a well-fitting sports bikini sparked the idea of starting her own bikini label a few years ago. Inspired by her global travels and entrepreneurial friends, Jocy took the initiative and established Josea Surfwear in 2016. Since then, she has been dedicated to running the company in the best and most sustainable way possible. Doing that, her main focus is on YOU, specifically you! :) Strong women who pursue their passions, love what they do, and are willing to take risks. The brand holds a big significance for Jocy as it connects her with inspiring women who share her values and love for water sports or other pursuits.

Alongside her passion for kitesurfing and surfing, Jocy enjoys spending time with her family and practicing yoga. Looking ahead, she aspires to undergo yoga teacher training and further open her heart to establish deeper connections with herself, nature, and others.

Jocy's favorite pieces: are Cloud Nine Top & Maloja Bottom in all the new colors. Hurricane suit in bubble Leo.

Product development & Design


Esther and her sewing machine have been part of the Josea Team since 2017. Together with Jocy, she is always on the search for new design ideas and is responsible for product development all the way to production. She maintains close contact with the production company in Portugal. She designs prototypes for various styles and checks the fit and quality to ensure that you truly receive a product that meets 100% of our expectations and standards. 

Esther grew up in a village community near Kiel and traded in horseback riding for her first sewing machine at the age of 13. At the age of 19, she moved to Hamburg to pursue an apprenticeship as a tailor and subsequently completed further training as a pattern maker. After two years of work in a craft workshop, she temporarily left the Hanseatic city to embark on a journey through Southern Europe with her husband and their VW bus.

Upon returning to Hamburg, a former lecturer introduced her to Jocy, and they quickly realized during their first meeting: the chemistry is right! She not only took over design and pattern development but also the management of the workshop as the number of employees grew.

If time and her two young sons allow, Esther enjoys being outdoors with her dog or practicing yoga. She loves the sea and dreams of living just a short walk away from it in the near future.

Product Management & Customer Care


Lynn has been working with us in customer service and product management since March and is the face behind our Info@ mail address. She always looks forward to your messages and is here to assist you with any questions you may have. Additionally, she carefully inspects your favorite pieces before they are shipped, ensuring they reach your home in the highest quality.

Before joining our team, Lynn completed her training as a physiotherapist in Osnabrück after spending two years of traveling. After her graduation, her love for the ocean brought her to Kiel and in this way also to us. If the wind conditions in Kiel are favorable, you’ll most likely find Lynn near or on the water. She is a passionate kitesurfer and has not only integrated her passion into her professional life through her work at Josea but also through her extensive experience as a kitesurf instructor. She loves sharing her passion with others and empowering women to become skilled surfers.

In the future, Lynn wishes to travel to more countries and explore different cultures. A kitesurfing trip to Brazil is at the top of her list. In her work at Josea, she particularly enjoys supporting strong women and the fact that sustainable practices are possible in the fashion industry!

Lynn's favorite pieces: Hurricane Swimsuit in petrol banana. Cloud Nine Top, Cape Doc Bottom in blue waves

Social Media & Online Marketing


Since April, Anne has been a valuable member of our team, dedicating herself to managing our social media channels and website. Before becoming a part of the Josea Surfwear team, she finished her degree in communication management and embarked on a journey to live life by the sea.

By the age of nineteen, she discovered her deep passion for surfing, and it has remained an integral part of her life ever since. To integrate surfing into her daily life, she applied for different kinds of visas that allowed her to temporarily live in various surf communities, including Raglan, Tofino, and the Indonesian island of Bali. Because of the pandemic, she relocated to the German island Sylt and was surprised to find that German waters also offer magical surf days. When she met Jocy and Josea Surfwear, she immediately resonated with our values and philosophy. Since then, she has greatly enjoyed working with women who share the same passion and integrating her love for the ocean into her work.

Anne's favorite pieces: Orkan swimsuit in petrol banana & Mistral suit in pinky petrol tiedye.

Social Media & Online Marketing


Nicola works closely with Anne in the marketing department and is our newest addition. She is primarily responsible for writing and creating content for newsletters and blog articles. Together with Anne, she brainstorms which Instagram Reel we want to shoot and post next. You've probably seen her in one of our Reels before.

Before Nicola joined our team, she lived in Berlin for four years, danced Salsa, and worked in a natural cosmetics company in complaint and brand management. Last year, when she quit her job, she went to Portugal for two months to learn to surf. It was there that she discovered her passion for surfing. Since then, she has been living in Portugal, spending a lot of time in the water, and fulfilling her dream of living by the sea. Josea embodies what is important to Nicola. That's why she was equally excited when she met Jocy and Josea Surfwear: a commitment to sustainable practices, supporting other women, and a team enthusiastic about sports and the sea.

Her favorite product is the Borina Shorts in Petrol Banana, a versatile pair of shorts. She wears them for surfing or land-based sports.

Product development

tested by Athletes

Since our early beginnings, we worked closely with some of the top athletes from the Surf and Kitesurfing community, to create a product that exceeds the standards of these sports. They tested our prototypes and their feedback played a major role in our product development. All are led by the goal of creating a product that truly lives up to its promises.

Ranja Schlotte

Professional Kitesurfer
& Skier


Paula Schürholz

Professional Volleyball Player


Sabrina Lutz

Professional Kitesurfer


Merle Mönster

Professional Kitesurfer


Mayla Kind

German surfer


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