Sustainable Approach

minimizing our impact

Being part of the fashion industry comes with a great responsibility towards our planet and its people. Our market is dominated by fast fashion companies who overproduce and release new collections every month, using cheap fabrics and production methods and show no efforts in environmental protection. We decided to walk a different path. We want to keep our impact on mother nature as small as possible. From day one we made it our mission to produce swimwear made out of environmentally friendly materials, produced under fair and ethical working conditions, and designed to last longer than just a season.



Most of our products are made of high-quality nylon which is regenerated from old fabrics like fishing nets, carpets or fabric scrabs - materials that would normally end up in landfills or the ocean. By choosing recycled nylon we are not only transforming waste back into fashion but also reducing our environmental impact compared to the production of new nylon. The high quality is guaranteeing a product that is long-lasting and more resistant to sun creams and oils. Another plus is that it is containing an SPF 50 for extra sun protection.

We believe that a sustainable approach doesn't stop by the right choice of materials but also by keeping the transportation routes between suppliers as short as possible. That's why our entire production takes place within Europe. The recycling process and production of the yarn take place in Slovenia, while the fabric is made in Italy.

Fair and Ethical


Starting with an on-demand production in Germany in 2016 we reached a growing demand over the past years that couldn't be processed in our office space in Hamburg. We partnered with a product supplier from northern Portugal who shares our values.


Packaging often contributes to unnecessary waste, that's why we have implemented an eco-friendly approach to ensure that our swimwear reaches you responsibly. We reduce our packaging to the minimum and only use recycled cardboard boxes, stickers, and wrapping paper. If a returning package reaches us in good condition, we are reusing them for future orders. We don't like to cause unnecessary waste, that's why we completely avoid the use of hangtags on our products.

For our delivery service, we're using the service of DHL Gogreen. All emissions caused by the shipping will be compensated through investments in climate protection projects worldwide. Find out more about how DHL Gogreen works

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