Our Take on Sustainability: A Deeper Look

Our Take on Sustainability: A Deeper Look

At Josea, we're not just part of the fashion industry; we're on a mission to contribute to a greener planet. The fashion industry's impact on our environment has become increasingly concerning, from pollution to excessive waste. As a surf and nature sports company, we hold the Earth in high regard, and it's our responsibility to align with eco-friendly practices.

A Passion for Sustainability

As surfers and outdoor enthusiasts, our profound reverence for the planet drives our commitment. We're more than just a company; we're a community with a shared passion for preserving the beauty that surrounds us. This shared passion fuels our determination to reduce our ecological footprint from the very core of our operations.

Crafting with Care

Starting with our materials, we craft our products from premium-quality nylon sourced from discarded fishing nets, carpets, and fabric remnants. These once-wasted materials find new life in our swimwear, preventing further strain on our planet's resources. But our commitment doesn't end there. Our short-supply routes echo in each production stage, from yarn creation in Slovenia to tailoring in Portugal, all within the European Union.

Choosing Ethical Partners

In our early days, we embraced on-demand manufacturing in Hamburg to minimize waste and excess stock. As we grew, we sought partners who shared our values. Our evaluations went beyond production capabilities to consider the treatment of their workforce and sustainability practices.

Creating a Sustainable Workforce

Creating a supportive work environment is paramount for us. We ensure proper compensation, which includes proper payment for any overtime. We also foster a positive team dynamic and promote cooperative teamwork, next to sufficient space at the workplace and a retreat area.
Sustainability extends beyond materials—it's about the people who create our products.

Reducing Waste, One Package at a Time

Our commitment to sustainability extends to packaging. We've simplified it to essentials, using exclusively recycled materials for stickers, boxes, and wrapping paper. We even repurpose incoming packages for new orders. And have you encountered our flower paper in your Josea orders? Tear it, bury it in soil, water it, and watch the blossoms emerge—a small reminder of our shared commitment to growth.

Eco-Friendly Shipping and Fit

Our sustainability strategy extends to shipping. We've partnered with DHL GoGreen, compensating shipping emissions through global climate protection initiatives. We're also passionate about reducing returns, which equates to a reduced CO² footprint. 

Recognizing the challenges of assessing fit remotely, we have created a swimsuit guide, accessible on every product page. Minimizing returns is equivalent to reducing our CO² footprint. It is easy, just take measurements and refer to our guide. For any lingering uncertainties, reach out to our team, who are dedicated to helping you discover the perfect fit.

Join Us in Nurturing a Greener Tomorrow

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words. It's a shared journey of fostering positive change. By supporting Josea, you're contributing to a brighter future—one where fashion and nature coexist harmoniously. Explore our products, share our story, and join us in nurturing a greener tomorrow.