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Lan Göttinger

About lan

Lan is a doctor, holistic health mentor, and yoga teacher. She grew up in beautiful southern Germany, surrounded by the nature of the Black Forest and Swabia. For her medical studies, she moved to Tübingen and Munich, where she met her great love. Together, they discovered their passion for water sports and moved to Australia when the opportunity arose. Today, they live, work, and surf there.

Three years ago, Lan founded Human of Health where she shares tips and inspiration for a healthy and nurturing life through social media and her podcast, and offers 1:1 mentorships.

We talk to Lan about her medical journey, the founding of "Human of Health," her desire for more prevention, her love for surfing, and the challenges on her path. Lan is a radiant and strong woman with a holistic perspective. ♡ Enjoy reading!

About Lan’s career and the founding of ’Human of Health’

After studying medicine and training as a general practitioner, I felt that something was missing in my work. There was a great need for prevention work in particular, with topics such as nutrition and a mindful lifestyle, which I didn't see covered by my training at the time. This sparked a desire in me to change my professional approach. I immersed myself in acupuncture and nutritional medicine, gained experience in clinic clown training and researched mind-body medicine. This journey led to the creation of 'Human of Health' and my podcast ‘gerngesund’ to reach people on a deeper, more personal level. I am also a trained yoga teacher and incorporate this ancient wisdom into my work.

My special focus is on supporting women who want to assert themselves in their demanding careers and in life without losing sight of their health. In 2024 I will also start supporting women with an unfulfilled desire to have children. Through and with my support, women find new ways to live their health sustainably and with more ease - for more energy and balance.

On Setbacks

My journey so far, both personally and professionally, has been characterized by constant growth and challenges. Thanks to the mental and financial support of my parents, my time at university was mostly carefree. Starting my career as a young doctor was a huge challenge - not only because of the strenuous night shifts but also because of the huge responsibility I suddenly had to shoulder. One of my biggest personal challenges was my own unfulfilled desire to have children, which led me on a path of self-discovery and a holistic perspective. This significantly shaped my further personal and professional path. When I founded my business, I learned once again that ups and downs, successes and setbacks are all part of the process. In each of these phases, acceptance, letting go and gratitude, paired with self-love and self-acceptance, were and are my strongest allies.

On her favorite health topic

This is where I pick up directly on my last sentence: because self-acceptance and self-love is a topic that is particularly close to my heart. I often come across women who believe they don't deserve time for themselves, which is a profound misunderstanding. Another key issue is dealing with stress. Chronic stress not only affects our mental health, but also our physical health. It is important to me to help people feel whole and connect more deeply with themselves.


I find inspiration in a variety of books and specialist literature, including works by Deepak Chopra and Ekhart Tolle. But I am most inspired by everyday heroes - people who walk their path with such clarity and ease. My closest friends, my family and nature, especially the ocean, are constant sources of inspiration, filling me with creative ideas and a deep sense of well-being. And in the end, life itself inspires me, moments and experiences inspire me, and often especially the moments that I have no control over or I was planning in advance.

About surfing and the role of the ocean

Surfing is a very important part of my life. It is an integral part of my everyday life and brings me incredible joy.  I used to be mainly into kitesurfing, but now my heart lies in surfing. I try to be in the water as often as possible - it's the environment and space where I feel free and connected to nature. My favorite thing to do is surf with my husband and friends and share this stoke. Surfskating is a newly discovered passion that helps me refine my surfing technique and is a lot of fun at the same time.

On future plans and dreams

My wish for the future is to continue to shape and live the life of my dreams. At the same time, to be grateful every day for the way things are. My vision is to inspire and accompany people in a way that brings me joy every day. And I like to be surprised by life as long as I can follow my heart and feel happy and fulfilled.
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Lans Message to other women

My advice to women who want to follow their dreams: Go for it!
Start now, not later. Don't find excuses to delay the start for fear of failing -, but take the first step now, no matter how small it may be and how far away the goal may seem to you. Be patient and remember that it is an ongoing process that takes time. It's not about all or nothing, but about steady, persistent progress. Josea's motto fits so well here: Take the risk to follow your passion with love.