Spotlight on: Maizy

Spotlight on: Maizy

About Maizy

In this "Spotlight on" feature, we introduce you to Maizy. She's not just one of our latest campaign models but also a lively soul with a bunch of different creative ideas and projects. Enjoy the read!

We meet Maizy at a cozy café in Sagres, where we've found a shady spot in the backyard, far from the hustle and bustle. It's one of those rare, calm, and hot August days at the southernmost point of Europe.

Originally from the Highlands of Scotland, Maizy studied theater in Edinburgh. During the pandemic-induced break, she launched her own music and food projects, bringing her a considerable amount of personal strength. We talk about the meaning of body images, her food blog and her music.

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On body images and beauty standards

Maizy is taking us on her journey of how she shifted the way she treated her body from having moments of hate to loving her body. She talks about years of obsession over her body and how it changed and bloated and how she shifted from going in shorts to the beach to the woman living in a bikini and rarely wearing make-up. She accepts her body, is gentle with herself, and truly loves her belly. Also, a few years earlier she would never have done the photoshoot with us.

“You know I didn’t feel so confident to do the shoot, to begin with, but I was surrounded by wonderful women on the set which helped and if I can inspire other women who maybe don’t feel “summer body ready” to do the same or have the confidence to wear what they want and love their bodies then I’ve done a good thing! :) ”

“I think with some things I have been working on actively once I moved to university and growing as a person. Once you move to a bigger city you meet more people of all shapes and sizes. Not comparing yourself is super important. There is now also more of an understanding of women’s bodies and how they naturally shift. A lot of people are posting real pictures of their skin in unedited body shapes. There are even in the shops now different shaped mannequins. Before it was quite bad." 

"Growing up in an era of Kate Moss, where curves were not embraced was quite hard. I will never have a Kate Moss body, that is impossible for me and I don’t want to.”

"I now accept my body, and also to come to a place where everyone is just doing their thing and being themself also helped me accept it. I just don’t compare myself here, everyone does their own things or their many things.”

The Significance of her food blog and music

Maizy's Food blog stands out. Along with food pics and recipe links, she shares some spicy content. She creates a space where she blends what she loves: food, creativity, art, and lingerie. "My food blog is a super empowering thing. I take ownership of my own body, my sexuality, and sexualization." she shares.

She created this project encouraged by her sister and supported by her family, “Back then I was living in a small village. Of course, people are going to talk about it. But I kind of had to let go of that and implemented the “Ah f**k it!” attitude.”

Besides the blog, music holds a significant place in Maizy's heart. Since she was a kid, Maizy wrote poems and music, filling entire birthday cards with her words. Music and writing always have been a significant part of her life, yet she initially didn't believe she could make music her profession. Now, she has released six songs, combining electronic music with vocals.

“Art and music are fundamentally some of the most important parts of my life, I cannot imagine it without them, and that’s also the source of my inspiration. Living - feeling the good, amazing, ugly, and impossibly painful parts that almost destroy you. There is so much beauty in it.”

Discover her Music

On her Love for the Sea and Surfing:

“Sometimes surfing can be challenging, very challenging and very humbling at times. But it also allows me to see the waves and landscape from a unique perspective - especially at sunrise and sunset. That is pretty special for me. I’ve always loved the ocean but I never really acknowledged how much being around it really benefitted me mentally.”

On future plans and dreams

“Lots of dreams and big plans to do more creatively, traveling, and continue to improve surfing whilst exploring those places. Live a slowpaste life, take care of myself, learn lots, and make mistakes. Heaps of mistakes probably! She laughs. Just adventure for me!”

Her message to you

“As a vertically challenged 5ft 2 & a half (1,57cm) woman, never let anyone make you feel small… Be you, be fantastically outrageous, be loud, be unattractive sometimes and as weird as you can be and dream blooming huge! Anything is possible.”