Spotlight on: Sabrina Lutz

Spotlight on: Sabrina Lutz

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At times, a touch of inspiration is all it takes to bring about the life changes we've been yearning for. In our latest monthly series, we're bringing you closer to remarkable women we encounter, engaging in conversations about their journeys and perspectives on life.

About Sabrina

Sabrina Lutz is not only a long-time friend but also an inspiring personality, both in her personal life and in the realm of sports. She is a 14-time German Champion and European Champion in kitesurfing and is one of our closely affiliated athletes who is testing our products for durability and comfort. 

We talked with her about her kitesurfing career, her sources of inspiration, and her dreams.
Alongside her sports career, she pursues a primary school education with a concentration on mathematics, German, and sports, all while balancing full or part-time work. Off the water, Sabrina finds joy in tennis, holds certification as a yoga instructor, and has a passion for food.

About her journey to kitesurfing

Born in Düsseldorf and raised in Hamburg, Sabrina grew up in a family deeply passionate about water sports. Together with her parents, she spent plenty of time on the coasts of Germany, the Netherlands, and other European countries, indulging in their love for windsurfing. By the young age of 5, her father started to teach her how to windsurf. A few years after the kitesurfing trend emerged, with improved safety systems, she was taught how to kitesurf and immediately fell in love with the sport.

I had a lot of fun on the water from the start and was described as talented by my biggest fans (my parents). That's how it goes with parents and their children. After my first competition, I stuck with it and enjoyed it a lot!


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On setbacks and making kitesurfing her profession

At the age of 17, shortly after she started kitesurfing, Sabrina began participating in national and various international competitions, achieving a remarkable amount of winning the German championships 14 times to this date.

"My parents and I were friends with many water sports families through the sport. One of the kids was already participating in national and international competitions. After kitesurfing for about six months, his father approached me and motivated me to participate in the German championship for women. So, I participated for the first time in Sylt and have been taking part in national and international competitions ever since."

"Setbacks and the competition itself naturally include both victories and defeats. After a loss, my closest confidants helped me handle it. In hindsight, such setbacks motivated me to train more and be better prepared both on and off the water for the next competition. Oh, and fortunately, I haven't experienced any serious injuries that could be considered setbacks. Knock on wood three times."

Who inspires you?

"In general, athletes who authentically pursue their passion and sport inspire me. Those who do it with passion and embody it outwardly. Athletes who burn for the sport, yet prioritize sportsmanship and fairness."

On her love for the ocean

"The ocean plays one of the most significant roles in my life. As a water sports enthusiast (kitesurfing, winging, and surfing), I can't do without the ocean or pursue my passion. Therefore, this part of nature and the world must be protected. We humans should handle it with care. There is no planet and ocean B! Even as a professional kiter, fun sessions are a must! Nothing is better than a relaxed session at a spot with a beautiful landscape, with friends and family. :)"

On future plans and dreams

"In terms of sports, I dream of successful participation in a World Championship freestyle tour stop and mastering specific maneuvers in kitesurfing that I want to learn! Additionally, my wish is to always stay healthy and injury-free. Otherwise, I want to instill values and joy of learning in school to many children."

Sabrina's message to other women

"I would like to encourage women to always be themselves and stand by who they are! To all the girls out there: Be brave because you are amazing and can achieve anything you wish for. Never lose sight of your dreams!"

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